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How to feed your pet rabbit

One of the most common problems that I encounter as a veterinarian that cares for rabbits is dental disease. Overgrown incisor and molar teeth in rabbits lead to painful ulcerations in the lips, cheeks and tongue of pet rabbits which can get infected and in severe cases eventually lead to euthanasia of the bunny. The condition ensues due to malocclusion(teeth not meeting together properly as they are in some way misaligned) in the rabbit's mouth.

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How Do I Know When to Take My Pet to the Vet?

How do I know when to take my pet to the vet? This is a good question. And it is a rather common question. Because too many times, pet owners worry that they waited too long or brought their pet to see the doctor too soon, and somehow they will be at fault if Fluffy has any issues.

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