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What Is Fluid Therapy?

You know when you are dehydrated—dry skin, decreased urination, and increased thirst are all signs your body needs more water. But how can you be sure your pet is getting enough fluids?

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Feline Dental Disease and Dental Care

Dental health often falls low on a pet owner’s list of health priorities. Many owners simply do not realize the impact improper oral healthcare can have on their pet’s overall health. Even if cats could brush their teeth, plaque and tartar will build up over time leading to gingivitis and, ultimately, periodontal disease. Periodontal disease, the most common disease in cats, is a painful condition leading to bleeding gums, bad breath, food aversion, behavioral changes and tooth loss.

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Caring for Your Cat

In Sickness and in Health:
Caring for Your Cat

Some vet hospitals are doing everything possible to minimize stress on cats and their owners.

In 2012, the AAFP created the Cat Friendly Practice® (CFP) program. Each approved CFP practice has demonstrated its dedication to increasing the quality of care felines receive.

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Those Darned Fleas and Bees!!!

So you got fleas. That is unfortunate and I am sure very frustrating, but we are here to help! Follow this advice and it will soon be over.

Bee Sting – your dog will soon look like Mohammed Ali SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR QUICK ADVICE.


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Cat Vaccinations: Which Ones Are Necessary?

Sometimes it seem as if there’s a battery of vaccinations, especially if your cat is young and you may wonder if they’re all necessary.

Truth is, veterinarians generally divide cat vaccinations into “core” and “noncore” vaccines and the “core” ones are certainly needed as part of your cat’s health protocol. For example, the rabies vaccine is legally required around the country. Which is a good thing because you wouldn’t want your kitty facing a rabid creature -- at all, but certainly not without protection.

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