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Pet Grooming Consent


Please read and e-initial below, indicating that you agree to our terms of service

If your pet has any medical problems (e.g., seizures, arthritis, allergies, etc.), please make us aware of them so that we can take the necessary steps to ensure your pet’s comfort. Sometimes grooming can expose a preexisting condition that may require veterinary attention from one of our hospital veterinarians.

Please read and e-initial below, indicating that you agree to our terms of service:

If your pet has evidence of fleas, The Family Pet Hospital Grooming Services will be required to administer your pet a flea bath. We will attempt to notify you in the event this occurs. The charge for this service is $25.00. The cost includes shampoo, time and cleaning necessary to ensure that no fleas are active in the salon. We may recommend the pet receive a Capstar ® and or other flea treatment depending on when their last treatment, if any, was given. No holistic medications will be accepted for grooming until we receive authorization to treat the pet if they get fleas, and that there is an understanding that our facility is not to be held responsible for the pet getting fleas.

If your pet’s coat is extremely matted, it may need to be shaved down. We will only shave your pet with your consent. A matted coat prevents air from reaching your pet’s skin and may cause your pet to bite or scratch itself, resulting in irritated skin that does not properly heal. Shaving uncovers these conditions as well as any other skin problems that may have developed from lack of grooming. Please note that it is difficult to shave down a matted pet without slightly irritating the skin. There will be an additional charge for this service due to the time and additional blades needed. It is our intent to have the conversation with you regarding any matting issues when you arrive for your grooming appointment.

The Family Pet Hospital reserves the right to refuse service to customers whose pets may pose a threat to our staff or other pets in our care. This includes aggression, health and external and or internal parasite issues.

Proof of the following is required to be up-to-date by a veterinarian prior to your pet’s grooming appointment, excluding for nail trim-only appointments

Dogs: Rabies, DHLP-CPV (Distemper), and Bordetella (Kennel cough) vaccines

For nail trim-only appointments, proof of the following is required to be up-to-date by a veterinarian prior to the appointment:

Dogs: Rabies and DHLP-CPV (Distemper) vaccines

Although accidents are very rare, there is a risk when dealing with pets. The Family Pet Hospital will inform you immediately of any incident that occurs or any condition that we notice.

Cancellations & No-shows: If you must cancel your appointment, we kindly ask for 24-48 hours notice if possible. We understand that sometimes schedules change, but chronic cancellations or no-shows may result in a cancellation fee being applied and could affect the ability to book future appointments.

Payment Policy: Payment is due at time of service.

By e-signing below, I indicate that I understand and agree to all terms above and to hold harmless The Family Pet Hospital, its owners and employees from and against any and all liabilities, expenses, damages and costs resulting from any service provided or injury to my pet(s) while in their care or afterward.

I further authorize The Family Pet Hospital to attend to my pet’s needs as deemed necessary by the veterinarian on staff in the event of an emergency, and agree that any resulting veterinary bills will be my responsibility.