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Daycare Hours: Monday - Friday: 7:00 A.M. - 6:30 P.M.

Drop-off Hours: 7:00 A.M. - 9:00 A.M.

Half-days: Until 1:00 P.M. ---- Full-days: Until 6:30 P.M.

Late Fees apply after 6:30 P.M. Please do not hesitate to ask our hospital staff for more information.


Thank you for answering the following questions!

This information helps us make sure your dog has a happy, fun, safe experience in our daycare program.

*The Family Pet Hospital Kennel has a weight limit of 35 lbs per dog

External & Internal Parasites: For the best interest of all pets under our care, all patients will be examined for external parasites ( e.g., fleas and ticks) and internal (e.g., worm segments in stool) parasites while here. If parasite are found, I give The Family Pet Hospital permission to treat my pet to prevent spreading to other animals.

The Family Pet Hospital Staff will explain if any additional follow-up care is needed. For example, if a pet is found with fleas, we may recommend the pet receive a Capstar® and other additional flea treatment depending on previous treatments and when they were received. No holistic medications will be accepted for boarding until we receive authorization to treat the pet if external parasites are found, and that there is an understanding our facility is not to be held responsible for the petting obtaining any external parasites. I understand that treatment of any internal or external parasites will be charged to my final invoice. Proof of a negative intestinal parasite test within the last (12) months is required for all boarding pets.

Vaccinations: The Family Pet Hospital requires proof of the DHLP-CPV (Distemper), Rabies, and Bordetella (Kennel Cough) vaccines for any dog in the daycare program. In the event my dog is not current, I give permission to The Family Pet Hospital to update my dog's vaccine(s) in accordance with the above policy. I understand that an examination fee as well as vaccination(s) fee will be charged to my final invoice.

Medical Illness/Injury Policy: One of the advantages of boarding your pet at The Family Pet Hospital is that veterinary attention is readily available should the need arise. If your pet becomes ill, we will call all numbers listed regarding your pet’s clinical symptoms, treatment options, and estimate of additional costs. If no one can be reached however, The Family Pet Hospital will perform whatever services the doctor deems necessary for the best care for your pet until someone can be reached. This includes only non-elective treatments and any necessary diagnostics.

I further understand that The Family Pet Hospital, their owners, staff, partners, and volunteers, will not be liable, financially or otherwise, for injuries to my dog, myself or any property of mine while my dog is participating in services provided by The Family Pet Hospital. I hereby release The Family Pet Hospital of any liability of any kind arising from my dog's participation, behavioral, medical, or otherwise in any and all services provided by The Family Pet Hospital.

I further understand that there are risks and benefits associated with group socialization of dogs. I agree that the benefits outweigh the risks and that I accept such risk. I desire a socialized environment for my dog while attending the daycare program provided by The Family Pet Hospital and while in their care. I understand that while the socialization and play is closely and carefully monitored by their staff to prevent injury, it is still possible that during the course of normal animal play my dog may receive minor nicks and scratches from roughhousing with other dogs. Upon picking up my pet, any injuries to my dog will be pointed out to me by a staff member

I further understand that I am solely responsible, financially or otherwise, for any harm or damage caused by my dog while my dog is attending daycare services at The Family Pet Hospital.

Abandonment Policy: I understand that if my dog is not picked up on time that I authorize The Family Pet Hospital to take whatever action is deemed necessary for the continuing care of my dog. I will pay The Family Pet Hospital the cost of any such continuing care upon demand by The Family Pet Hospital. If I do not pick up my dog within (10) days from initial pick-up, I hereby relinquish ownership of my dog to The Family Pet Hospital.

I have read this form and by electronically signing below I understand the above policies. I agree to pay for any additional fees necessary to be in accordance with the above policies.