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Emergency Information

COVID-19 Updates

June 2021

We will be sending paperwork to our clients prior to each of their appointments through Televet. It will then be automatically submitted back to us for our records.

We ARE allowing one person per appointment to come into the hospital if clients want to come in. Please wear a mask and knock on one of the hospital doors, as they will remain locked for the time being to allow us to better control the social distancing between patients. If clients would not like to wear a mask, we do require proof that you are two weeks past your second vaccination.

For clients who would rather remain curbside for appointments, please pull your car up to the front of the hospital, and give us a call at 508-231-1223 to let us know that you have arrived.

December 31, 2020

Until further notice, we will be curbside only.

Our client liaisons will be emailing exam forms to all of our appointments. Please fill them out prior to coming in. When you arrive, please park in the fire lane outside our front door and call of office. Have your pet ready with either a leash on or in a carrier. One of our technicians will come to take your pet from the car to do the exam inside with the Doctor. The doctor will then call you to go over the full exam and we will be able to take payment over the phone. After everything is complete, the technician will return your pet to your car.

Please bear with us through a difficult time. We appreciate your patience.

Dear Extended Family,

Now more than ever we have heightened our level of concern for the safety of our clients and our staff as we continue to pull through this world challenge together without hampering the medical and surgical needs of our beloved pets. With this in mind, we have set up some policies and ask for your full cooperation and honesty. Please do not hesitate to call or email with any questions.

  1. All staff and clients that are exhibiting respiratory symptoms must stay home. If your pet needs care and you are the only one available to bring them in, we ask you to wear a mask to protect others and to wait with your pet in the car until we come out to retrieve your pet and give you a history form to fill out.
  2. Those clients who are healthy may come in as needed but are asked to maintain a social distance of 6 feet from other people and if you are coming in to have your pet seen, you will be escorted into the exam room right away. If you would prefer to call and prepay for prescription foods or medications that you need to pick up, please do so.
  3. Mask must be worn by anyone who is coughing or has been exposed to someone with symptoms but remind you that in such a case it would be best if you stayed home or at least in the car to avoid exposing everyone. Our staff retrieving your pet may wear a mask and gloves, especially if you have told us that you may be sick or exposed. We ask you to place your pet in the back seat for easy retrieval and we will be placing them in the same after their visit. 
  4. At check out the client liaison will come to the car to get your payment and the technician will return your pet, invoice, medicine, supplies and the written doctor instructions. We will ask you to refrain from asking too many questions at this time so as to minimize direct communication and take your pet home. Read the medicine label and doctor instructions and then call or email if you have any questions. We will do our best to handle any and all your concerns in a timely manner.
  5. The front desk staff will be disinfecting the counters after each client interaction and the nursing staff will be disinfecting the room surfaces including the benches similarly after each client. It goes without saying that, as always, we will wash our hands between each patient.

We are confident that in this fashion, we will all get through this crisis safely and our pets will not need to suffer from lack of care. 

My best to you and your family from all of us.

Please stay safe and above all positive!!

Dr. Valas and all our staff



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