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Opportunities At The Family Pet Hospital Laser and Wellness Center

Passion, Compassion and Fun - We are passionate about our work. We love all animals and care deeply about the bond they have with you and their owners. We truly enjoy all we do and we have fun doing it. We spend time in social events getting to know each other better and having fun.

Commitment and Teamwork - We are committed to the practice, our work and our team members. We cover each other shifts when someone is sick or on vacation. When we are here, we give 100% of ourselves to make sure the day goes by smoothly and that all pets and their owners get the care and attention they deserve.

Constantly Seeking Improvement - We are constantly learning and looking at ways to improve our services, our own individual skills and that our team members, so as to constantly deliver a higher standard of care and value to our patients, our clients and our team.

Hard Work and Dedication - We are not afraid of long hard days as we are committed to putting in the time and effort that it takes every day to make sure our clients and their pets have the best experience possible. We support our team members and are always looking to help and ready to lend a hand whenever needed. We will never let anyone down.

Going Above and Beyond - We seek to go above and beyond for every client, every pet and every team member, every day and in every situation. We seek a wow experience for our clients and want to make them into raving fans.

Honesty and Integrity - If it’s not true, we don’t say it. If it’s not right we don’t do it. We let our clients know exactly what their pets need and help them make decisions the best fits their budget and their philosophy. We are truthful and honest with each other and with ourselves and seek to always do the right thing in every situation.


Kennel Assistant

About our company The Family Pet Hospital Laser and Wellness Center has been providing top of the line, compassionate veterinary care in our community for 21 years.

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