So you got fleas. That is unfortunate and I am sure very frustrating, but we are here to help! Follow this advice and it will soon be over.

Bee Sting – your dog will soon look like Mohammed Ali SCROLL DOWN TO THE BOTTOM OF THIS PAGE FOR QUICK ADVICE.


1. Apply advantix to your dog(s) and advantage-multi to your cat(s). Note, these products are not interchangeable and the dog product can be fatally toxic to a cat. The safest rule to follow is to never use a dog product on a cat no matter what it is or where you get it from.

2. Gather everything in your house that can be laundered that your pet has laid or walked on and wash in hot water. This includes bathroom mats, linens, duvet covers, dog bedding, towels, etc.

3. Anything that cannot be laundered and cannot be vacuumed (decorate pillows, stuffed animals, etc) should go into heavy plastic trash bags (lawn bags work well) and tied tight for 30 days. This will suffocate any hatching fleas and also starve them as they need a blood meal right away.

5. Sprinkle borax detergent or diatomaceous earth (you can get this at pet stores or fish stores), onto rugs, under couches, under and on couch cushions, mattresses, etc and brush it in with a broom or small hand brush. Vacuum from corner to corner of your home after 12 hours and when done, seal vacuum bag in plastic bag tightly and throw in outdoor trash.

5. At this point, you have gotten rid of thousands of eggs and larvae that would become fleas. You will not have gotten every single on though, but your pets, having been treated with the recommended monthly product, will go around your home shedding fur, skin and chemicals and continue to treat his/her environment. In addition, since the flea needs a blood meal, when it hatches it will jump on your pet and die before laying 30-40 eggs that day.

6. Finally, retreat all your pets every 3 weeks for at least two more times and repeat the borax/earth treatment and vacuum job at the same time. Remember to throw away the vacuum bag (far away) each time. We recommend treating through the winter if your pet got infected in the fall as fleas can easily overwinter in your home and get you again in January or February. Infestations this early in the year are strictly due to home infestations as there are no fleas hatching outside when the weather is that cold.


CATS: advantage-multi/ revolution or frontline monthly every month that we don’t have snow or temperatures are not consistently below freezing. Cats are fastidious groomers and seem to get their ticks off pretty readily which is why we prefer advantage-multi as all around preventative against round worms, hookworms, ear mites, fleas and heartworms. Frontline does work better for ticks but it only prevents fleas and ticks. Revolution may be a little better than advantage for ticks but it loses on the intestinal parasite prevention which may be important for avid hunters.

DOGS: Advantix monthly year round unless again there is 3 feet of snow on the ground or it is consistently below freezing. Ticks are a great concern for dogs and as soon as it even smells like spring apply it again. Don’t wait until you see ticks. You know they are coming, they do every year!!! 🙂

Your dog got stung by a bee…what do you do now?!

If you notice that your dog is having a reaction to a possible bee sting, by signs like swelling at the site, there is immediate at home treatment that can be done. Administer 1mg of Benadryl per pound of body weight. For example, a 25lb dog can receive a 25mg dose of Benadryl, which is one adult caplet. This will help to counteract any immediate side effects, however you must still contact your veterinarian! Some bee stings can be very severe and need IMMEDIATE attention!!! An allergic reaction in a dog is just like a human, they may get hives and even have trouble breathing when airways get inflamed. If this happens to your pet immediately head to your veterinarian, or the closest emergency hospital.

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